Interview with Odysseo Cavalia’s President and Founder Normand Latourelle

Presented under a massive White Big Top, this colossal production featuring over 70 horses and 50 artists will take your breath away! Blending awe-inspiring equestrian arts with imaginative stagecraft, amazing acrobatic feats and cutting-edge technical effects, this multi-million dollar extravaganza expands the definition of performance into an epic yet soulful theatrical experience. Audiences of all ages are passionately rediscovering the century-old relationship between human and horse. As friends, partners and inseparable performers on stage, over 100 horses & artists lead spectators on a great journey in a world of dreams where, together, they discover some of the planet’s most unforgettable landscapes. The poetry flowing from this grand adventure shines a light on a more humane world where human and horse may live in harmony. Odysseo is first and foremost a work that feeds the soul. This live multidimensional voyage is a veritable revolution in live entertainment production. Layers of mesmerizing decor combined with gravity-defying acrobatic and aerial stunts and the staggering effects created by state-of-the-art scenery makes this immense stage a feast for the eyes. This larger-than-life show sends hearts racing, but it is also a feast for the eyes that succeeds in delivering the spectacular with soul. Premiere in Winnipeg, 2018.


Produced by: Canadian Russian Language Television Network RTV

Producer: Taya Rtichsheve

Camera operator: Igor Ilin

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